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BioMed 2.0: From Bench to Webside

On this blog the CTSI team brainstorms on how web and other emerging technologies can be used to improve biomedical research, catalyze connections, share data, and foster collaborations. We share tips, tools and lessons learned with our various intersecting communities of interest.

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Archived: The Research Ethics Blog by Bernard Lo, MD

Often there is no one right answer to complicated research ethics dilemmas. Bernard Lo, MD, national bioethics expert at UCSF, brings his discussions from the classroom and hallways into the public sphere to provide researchers with a forum to help them navigate such issues. The Research Ethics Blog covers topics, such as patient consent, authorship, research misconduct, and protecting participants in clinical trials, to help clinical and translational researchers and students think through and identify best practices for addressing challenges in research ethics.

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Archived: The T2 Blog: Translation from Bedside to Community

T2 science addresses the question, how do we efficiently and effectively translate evidence from intervention assessments into widespread, high quality practice? The field strives to reduce the delay and disconnect between compelling evidence and optimal practice. On this blog, UCSF researchers spread ideas and news about T2, and cultivate appreciation for its potential and challenges.

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