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The Research Ethics Blog by Bernard Lo, MD

About This Blog

This blog is written by Bernard Lo, MD, who is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Program in Medical Ethics at the University of California, San Francisco. Among other projects, Bernard Lo co-chairs a committee that recommends regulations for stem cell research funded by the state of California and serves on several Data and Safety Monitoring Boards for NIH-sponsored clinical trials. He previously served on the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC), which reviews gene transfer clinical trials and on the National Bioethics Advisory Commission. In addition, Bernard Lo teaches an annual course on research ethics for fellows and junior faculty. He is the author of Ethical Issues in Clinical Research: A Practical Guide.

Researchers commonly face ethical dilemmas, as they carry out their projects. Often there is no right answer and policies not always make sense. With this blog Bernard Lo seeks to raise awareness about research ethics, help clinical and translational researchers and students think through those issues, and stimulate lively discussions, which may identify best practices for addressing specific ethics dilemmas.

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