Collaborating with UCSF Researchers

If you are a community representative, clinician and/or researcher, you can get help in developing a collaboration with UCSF:

  • Identifying research partners
  • Assisting in development of evaluation or research plan
  • Requesting clinical partnership(s) for community or practice-based research
  • Supporting existing partnerships
  • Navigating UCSF system
  • Identifying UCSF Advisory Board Members
  • Reviewing proposals
  • Locating speakers for symposia, trainings, events
  • Implementing advocacy - local, state, national
  • Training

You do not need a UCSF partner to receive consultation about your research and evaluation questions. Having UCSF researchers provide consultation on clinical issues or conduct a program evaluation for a community clinic or agency are outside the scope of this research consultation service, but we have resources we might refer you to for these questions.

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