Population Health and Health Services (PHHS) Data Consultation

Get help accessing and using Population Health and Health Services (PHHS) Data:

  • Study design/conceptualization
  • Addressing common methodological issues in analysis of observational data
  • Data dataset selection
  • Dataset acquisition
  • Administrative support
  • Dataset uploading and downloading
  • Query design and cohort selection
  • Dataset cleaning
  • Dataset linking
  • Programming support
  • Collaboration, building collaborative relationships for data sharing

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Questions? Contact us at pophealth@ucsf.edu

Examples of Available Datasets

  • American Hospital Association annual survey
  • Area Resource Files
  • National Inpatient Sample
  • Kids' Inpatient Database (KID)
  • National Emergency Department Sample (NEDS)
  • selected State Inpatient Databases (SID)
  • selected State Emergency Department Databases (SEDD)

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