Current UCSF K01 Awards

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Title of Grant Principal Investigator School: Departmentsort descending Agency
Cell Biological Mechanisms of Gastrointestinal Tract Formation Woo, Stephanie PhD SOM:Biochemistry & Biophysics NIDDK
Regulation of Cell Motility by the Oncogenic ERK-MAPK Pathway Mendoza, Michelle Christine PhD SOD:Cell & Tissue Biology NCI
Cancer Cell Signaling through Lipids Complexed to Proteins Blind, Raymond Daniel SOM:Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology NCI
Impact and Cost-Effectivenss of Safer Conception Strategies for HIV Prevention Brown, Joelle Morgan SOM:Epidemiology & Biostatistics NIMH
Genome-Wide Study of Hearing Impairment Hoffmann, Thomas SOM:Epidemiology & Biostatistics NIDCD
Understanding the Interpersonal Context of HIV/HCV Risk within Injecting Dyads Morris, Meghan D PhD SOM:Epidemiology & Biostatistics NIDA
Integrative Stress Reduction for Maternal-Child Health Duncan, Larissa PhD SOM:Family & Community Medicine NCCAM
Defining the Molecular Determinants of the Threshold for Autoimmune Arthritis Hsu, Lih-Yun PhD SOM:Medicine NIAMS
A Female-Specific Neuroendocrine Center Controlling Energy Expenditure Correa, Stephanie SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Specifying Control over ION Balance and Glucose Homeostasis through MTORC2 Gleason, Catherine SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Stress Reduction Studies in Mice and Humans Gurfein, Blake Taylor SOM:Medicine NCCAM
Identifying a Role for Commensal Bacteria on the Liver Immune Priming Environment Publicover, Jean SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Alcohol Use and High Risk Behavior among HIV-Positive Men Woolf-King, Sarah SOM:Medicine NIAAA
Inhibition of ZAP-70 to Selectively Attenuate Autoimmune Disease-inducing T Cells Au-Yeung, Byron Benton PhD SOM:Medicine NIAMS
High-throughput Behavior-based Dopaminergic Drug Discovery in the Zebrafish

Kokel, David PhD SOM:Medicine NIMH
Pro-inflammatory Cytokines in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Function Pietras, Eric M PhD SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Utility of Contact Investigation of Drug Susceptible and Resistant TB in Tanzania Fair, Elizabeth PhD, MPH SOM:Medicine NIAID
Group Acupuncture for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy among Underserved Patients Chao, Maria DrPH, MPA SOM:Medicine NCCAM
The GIT2-Pix-Pak Complex in T Cell Migration; Activation and Arthritis Phee, Hyewon PhD SOM:Medicine NIAMS
Genome Wide Association Study of Breast Cancer Subtype and Survival in Latinas Fejerman, Laura MD SOM:Medicine NCI
Molecular Effects of Mind-Body Intervention on GC Sensitivity and Immune Function Milush, Jeffrey PhD SOM:Medicine NCCAM
Treatment of HIV-Associated Cognitive Impairment Meyer, Ana-Claire MD, MSHS SOM:Neurology FIC
Functional MRI Investigations of Attention and Memory Systems in Mci Pa, Judy PhD SOM:Neurology NIA
Addressing Health Disparities among Transgender Women

Kaplan, Rachel L. PhD. SOM:Obstetrics, Gynecology & Rep Sci NIMH
Gender; Autonomy; and Contraceptive Use among Young People Upadhyay, Ushma Desai PhD SOM:Obstetrics, Gynecology & Rep Sci NICHD
Identifying Opportunities for HIV Prevention among Female Migrants in Kenya Camlin, Carol PhD SOM:Obstetrics, Gynecology & Rep Sci NIMH
Molecular Mechanisms of Prion Disease with Translation to Novel Therapeutics Ahn, Mi Sol PhD SOM:Pathology NIA
Bexarotene Induction of Differentiation in AML Sanchez, Patricia Vanessa SOM:Pediatrics NCI
Maternal Depression and Child Weight Gain in a Latino Cohort Wojcicki, Janet MD, MPH SOM:Pediatrics NIDDK
Dopamine D2 Receptors in Prefrontal Function: An Optogenetic and Modeling Study Ellwood, Ian Thomas SOM:Psychiatry NIMH
Social Engagement; Emotion Regulation and Depressive Symptoms during Adolescence Lewinn, Kaja Zabrina SOM:Psychiatry NIMH
Investigating the Effects of Depression on Contraceptive Behaviors Steinberg, Julia Renee SOM:Psychiatry NICHD
Neural Impact of Positive Mood on Motivation and Reward Networks in Schizophrenia Subramaniam, Karuna PhD SOM:Psychiatry NIMH
Molecular Imaging of Renal Transport and Metabolism Using Hyperpolarized C-13 MRI Von Morze, Cornelius PhD SOM:Radiation Oncology NIDDK
In Vivo Imaging of Cortical Porosity in the Peripheral Skeleton Kazakia, Galateia PhD SOM:Radiology & Biomedical Imaging NIAMS