Current UCSF K24 Awards

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Title of Grant Principal Investigator School: Departmentsort descending Agency
Patient-Oriented Research in Skin Diseases Chren, Mary-Margaret MD SOM:Dermatology NIAMS
Health Outcomes in Blood Donors and Recipients Murphy, Edward MD, MPH SOM:Laboratory Medicine NHLBI
Prevalence and Impact of Frailty among Dialysis Patients Johansen, Kirsten MD SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Dyadic Processes in the Patient-Provider Relationship Johnson, Mallory PhD SOM:Medicine NIMH
Patient Oriented Research in Kidney Disease Hsu, Chi-Yuan MD, MS SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Impact of HIV-Associated Inflammation on Disease Deeks, Steven Grant SOM:Medicine NIAID
Training in Research Program on Alcohol Use by Persons With or At Risk for HIV Hahn, Judith PhD SOM:Medicine NIAAA
Mentoring and Research in Integrative Medicine Hecht, Frederick MD SOM:Medicine NCCAM
Ectopic Fat and Atherosclerosis in South Asians Kanaya, Alka M. SOM:Medicine NHLBI
Mentoring Multidisciplinary Patient-Oriented Research in Viral Hepatitis Khalili, Mandana SOM:Medicine NIAAA
HIV, HCV, and Gender Effects on Liver, Bone, and Vascular Health Tien, Phyllis C. SOM:Medicine NIAID
Genetic and Epidemiological Approaches to Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk Ziv, Elad MD SOM:Medicine NCI
Midcareer Mentoring Award for Patient-Oriented Research Covinsky, Kenneth MD, MPH SOM:Medicine NIA
Hypertension Management in Minority and Low-Income Populations Bibbins-Domingo, Kirsten MD SOM:Medicine NIDDK
Mentoring Translational Researchers for Careers in Pediatric Global Health Feeney, Margaret E. MD SOM:Medicine NIAID
Mentoring in the Context of Improving Care for Latinos with Diabetes Fernandez, Alicia MD SOM:Medicine NIDDK
HIV Viral Reservoirs and Monocyte Activation in HIV-associated Atherosclerosis Hsue, Priscilla Y. MD SOM:Medicine NIAID
Patient-oriented Research and Mentoring in HIV-associated Pulmonary Diseases Huang, Laurence MD SOM:Medicine NHLBI
Patient Oriented Research and Mentoring in Interstitial Lung Disease

Collard, Harold MD SOM:Medicine NHLBI
Mentoring Researchers in Aging in Vulnerable Populations Kushel, Margot MD SOM:Medicine NIA
Mentoring Patient-oriented Research on the Health Consequences of Polydrug Use Riley, Elise PhD SOM:Medicine NIDA
Medication Changes in Hospitalized Older Adults Steinman, Michael MD SOM:Medicine NIA
Biomarker Research in Musculoskeleton Disease Bauer, Douglas MD SOM:Medicine NIAMS
Midcareer Mentoring Award for Patient-Oriented Research in Aging Walter, Louise MD SOM:Medicine NIA
Multimodal Imaging in Frontotemporal Degeneration Rosen, Howard J. SOM:Neurology NIA
Midcareer Mentoring Award for Patient-Oriented Research in HIV and Cognition Valcour, Victor MD, MPH SOM:Neurology NIMH
Patient Oriented Research and Mentoring in Obesity and Urinary Incontinence Subak, Leslee MD SOM:Obstetrics, Gynecology & Rep Sci NIDDK
Mentoring and Research in Applying Digital Technologies to Prevent Chronic Illnesses Fukuoka, Yoshimi RN, PhD Other NINR
Strategic and Plasticity Models for Late Life Depression in Community Settings Arean, Patricia PhD SOM:Psychiatry NIMH
Predictors & Outcomes of Cognitive Trajectories in the Oldest Old Yaffe, Kristine MD SOM:Psychiatry NIA