Post-Award Management for CTSI-Pilot Awards - Spring 2016 Cycle Awardees

Budget Projections and Reconciliation

CTSI monitors budget projections through Faculty Portfolio. Enter projections into Faculty Portfolio promptly and review quarterly. CTSI uses these reports to track progress. Do not send projections in shadow systems (e.g., Excel), as CTSI will not review, and this will not be in compliance with the award Terms & Conditions as having projections entered. Projections must be entered by October 15 and adjusted as needed.

Reconciliation and review should be completed monthly and documentation submitted quarterly to Reconciliation must be performed by the RSA and review must be performed directly by the PI; this process is reflected in the CTSI modified Verification form, which is required for CTSI Pilot Awards. The purpose of the signed report is to certify that all expenses contained belong to the project and that ledger verification has been performed for the time period of the report. If there is unusual activity requiring attention or additional research please also submit supporting documentation (e.g., excel GL or copies of invoices not in campus systems). Otherwise, no other supporting documentation is required.

Reconciliation due dates (dates are subject to change):

  • 1st Quarter (July –September) due Oct. 15
  • Note: Projections for the award must be entered into Faculty Portfolio by Oct. 15.
  • 2nd Quarter (October – December) due Jan. 15
  • 3rd Quarter (January – March) due Apr. 15
  • 4th Quarter (April – June) due Aug. 15

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Payroll Expense Transfers (PET) and Cost Transfers

These awards remain within the CTSI-Pilot Awards DeptID (135118), and as such require the signature of the CTSI PI, when applicable for PETs and for Attachments E on cost transfers, when required. CTSI will not process nor approve PETs to move effort onto awards but will only process and approve if the PET if correcting an error (e.g., charged to the wrong project number). PETs and Attachments E must be completed by the RSA and sent to the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator for signature. These should not be signed by the awardee department and/or PI.


Reimbursement requests should be submitted through MyExpense. If the expense is not listed on the approved budget, please add a short 2-3 sentence explanation of how the expense is related to the project.

  • Default approver: Aim-Orn Silprasert
  • Authorized approver: Monica Stuart

Note: CTSI will only reimburse people up to the per diem rate for food.

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BearBuy (Liens, POs, Ordering, etc)

Awards can be used in BearBuy and should be processed through the department's normal workflow. Carts should not be assigned to anyone in CTSI. Any liens, POs, etc., should be opened, managed and closed through the RSA or awardee’s department.

Tip: Do not change the department code. It should remain the PI or requester’s department code and not the department code of the award or chartstring

Internal Review

CTSI conducts an internal review of up to 5% of all pilot awards transactions once a year. Following NIH policy, awards up to seven years old can be audited. If your award is selected, we will send a notification listing which transactions have been selected and will request all backup documentation. We will review each selected expense for:

  • Adequate supporting documentation is attached for each transaction including business purpose/project/study purpose
  • Signature approval and pre-approval on all transactions
  • Dates of the transactions are consistent with award funding period
  • Allowability on federal funds
  • Verification that services or goods were received
  • Correct chartstring was charged
  • If an expense transfer was processed, all of the above has been met; if on a federal fund, must comply with the 120-day rule and performance & budget period for the award.

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No-cost Extensions

CTSI-Pilot Awards does not allow no-cost extensions. These awards are funded primarily through NIH dollars, and CTSI's particular agreement with the NIH does not allow carry-forwards. CTSI must enforce the terms of its award.

Fiscal Year-end

Investigators are expected to expend fully the amount of their awards by the close of the monthly ledger coinciding with their award end date. Any amount not spent will be forfeited with no exceptions.

Liens or obligated funds must be completely expensed or cancelled in advance of the award end date; unexpended liens will be cancelled at the close of your award period, and any outstanding invoices on those commitments will not be honored.

Please note that the expenses must post to the financial accruals ledger by the due date. Incurred expenses that have not posted by the end of the award will not be honored, including any subcontracts or vendor purchase orders, etc. Please work with subcontractors and vendors during the initial setup phase to ensure that you will receive the final invoice from them well in advance of the due date in order to pay the expense by the close of the monthly ledger for the award end date.

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