CTSI – Pilot Awards Program Award Terms and Conditions

We encourage you to commence spending funds immediately, as no carry-forwards will be allowed.

This grant is subject to the following conditions, consistent with the restrictions of the CTSI award:

Award Management

  1. In the event that another agency, either within or outside of UCSF, funds this project, you will notify the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator immediately. Depending on the additional funding, you may need to decline one of the awards.
  2. Please notify the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator if you receive a K award. CTSI-Pilot Awards cannot support salary of K scholars and cannot fund KL2 scholar projects.
  3. Indirect costs are not allowed on subcontracts funded by CTSI awards. It is your responsibility to coordinate with your RSA and external partner to waive indirect costs.
  4. If any of your research involves an international partner, please contact the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator prior to starting work on your project. CTSI's NIH funding agency applies unique restrictions to international work.
  5. If you, the originally funded PI, want to designate a new PI, you must notify the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator immediately. Approval of a new PI is subject to approval by the CTSI-Pilot Award faculty director. Additional documentation will be required.
  6. If your project is an NIH-defined clinical trial, you will register your project and report results on clinicaltrials.gov.
  7. Additional reports and other information may be required by the NIH and CTSI.

Award Recognition

Cite the CTSI grant on any publications, presentations or abstracts resulting from this project.

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Progress Reports

An initial progress report is due one year after your project period ends. A second progress report is due the following year, and a 5-year follow-up report will be due three years after the second. All reports must be completed by the date requested. Details will be requested of additional extramural funds received, publications and presentations.

IRB/IACUC Compliance

  1. When you apply for IRB/IACUC approval, please indicate that your research is supported by CTSI:
    • RAS #A127552
    • For IRB, Sponsor Name listed as "NIH Natl Ctr Advancing Translational Sci"
    • For IACUC, Funding Source, Source From List, listed as "NIH-NCATS"
  2. You must keep your IRB/IACUC approval current and active for the duration of the award period. Please send copies of all approval letters to the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator.

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Budget and Financial Management

  1. Funds must be spent according to the approved budget. Prior approval is required to amend the budget by 20% or more. If you wish to amend your budget, please send a copy of your original approved budget, your proposed budget and an updated budget justification to the CTSI-Pilot Awards program administrator, with a brief narrative explaining the reason for the changes.
  2. Your funds must be spent consistent with the approved award. Any changes to originally stated aims must receive prior approval from the CTSI-Pilot Awards faculty director.
  3. If your project runs over budget or you charge something that is not allowable, you are liable for the charges and will be asked to provide an alternate account for those costs.
  4. See additional post-award financial management and reporting obligations.

Any funds left unspent at the end of the award period will revert to CTSI-Pilot Awards. Requests for no-cost extensions will not be considered.

Please note that any non-compliance with these award terms and conditions will be reported to your Department Chair and may result in discontinuation of your award.

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