CTSI-Sponsored RAP Funding

CTSI is one of the sponsors for RAP, the UCSF umbrella intramural funding organization. See the full list of Resource Allocation Program (RAP) award opportunites

RAP Funding Sponsored by CTSI

Research Funding

  • Digital Health Research
    Support for planning or development of mobile technology, or the accumulation of preliminary data for grant proposals and/or for publication.
  • Pilot for Junior Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences
    Support for new and junior faculty who achieved independent status, preliminary research using human subjects, tissue, or clinical data to address questions related to disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, or management.
  • Catalyst Award for the Development of Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Devices and Digital Health
    Funding for early development of diagnostics and therapeutics. It provides extensive consultation and pilot funds.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Planning Grant
    Support for the development of large-scale multidisciplinary, multicenter clinical/translational research projects that typically require substantial funding at levels provided by, for example, the R01 or P01 mechanisms through the NIH.
  • Team Science Grant
    The goal of this award is to stimulate new collaborations of UCSF scientists from diverse fields, including social, basic, and clinical research, which address clinical and translational research questions that require an innovative, multidisciplinary approach. This award will provide funding to develop complex cross-disciplinary research projects, including arranging meetings of investigators, performing preliminary studies and preparing grant applications. In addition, we encourage teams that are diverse based on gender, ethnicity, race and other characteristics.

Career Development Awards

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