Strategic Opportunities Support (SOS) Awardees

SOS Awardees - Spring 2014

Digital Health Research

  • Saleh Adi, MD—A pilot study of a novel application, "blip", for collection, integration, and visualization of data from patients with type 1 diabetes

Pilot Award Program in HIV/AIDS

  • Kai Yuan, PhD—TALE-lights: Illuminating persistent reservoirs of HIV

Pilot for Established Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences

  • Duan Xu, PhD—Metabolic Profiling using Hyperpolarized 13C in Hypoxic Ischemic Mouse Model with Hypothermic Therapy

Pilot for Junior Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences

  • Nicole Bush, PhD—Reversing the Biological Embedding of Early Life Trauma: Testing the Biological Effects of an Empirically Validated Intervention for Child Trauma
  • Vanja Douglas, MD—Decoding Delirium: A Translational Approach
  • Xuhui Liu, MD—Role of C1q in spinal cord injury induced heterotopic ossification
  • Monica McLemore, PhD, MPH—AB2348, AB980 & AB154: Determining the capacity of the California nursing workforce to fully implement recent legislation to expand access to primary and secondary prevention of unintended pregnancy
  • Shaeri Mukherjee, PhD—Determining whether AMPylation and phosphocholination modifications are used by higher eukaryotes to regulate key signaling events

Pilot Research Awards for Junior Investigators

  • Nathan Young, PhD—Towards a system for predictive modeling of human facial shape, asymmetry, and growth

Team Science Grant

  • Bertil Damato, MD, PhD—Patient-reported outcomes after treatment of eye cancer
  • Douglas Gould, PhD—Towards Development of Small Molecule Therapeutics to Prevent Hemorrhagic Strokes

Under-represented Faculty in Clinical and Translational Research Awards

  • Aaron Diaz, PhD—Determining the cellular composition of heterogeneous tissue via high-throughput singlecell sequencing
  • Erik Rodriquez, PhD—Smoking Behavior and Tobacco Exposure among Individual Latino National Ancestry Groups
  • Rebeca Salas-Boni, PhD—IMPEDANCE: Impedance Measurement in Patient Electrodes Affecting Noise in Clinical Electrocardiography.

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SOS Awardees - Fall 2013

Digital Health Research

  • Mozziyar Etemadi, PhD— In-Home Pilot Study of Heart Failure Exacerbation Prediction Device
  • Roeland Hancock, PhD— Early mobile screening for reading disorder risk

Novel Clinical Methods/Translational Technology Development Awards

  • Henrik Bengtsson, PhD, MCR/MPH/MS— Parallel methods for low-cost shallow DNA-Seq data
  • Jason Adam Cunha, PhD—Bringing 3D printing to the clinic for patient-specific radiotherapy delivery

Pilot for Established Investigators

  • Renee Hsia, MD, Other, MSc— Changes in Access to Urban Trauma Centers on Patient Outcomes: A Case Study from Los Angeles County
  • Constance John, PhD, Other, RPh— SAMDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry for Drug Discovery
  • Yun-Fai (Chris) Lau, PhD— The Sex Determining Gene as a Male-specific Epigenetic Modifier in Neurodevelopment
  • Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD— Networked home HIV testing

Pilot for Junior Investigators

  • Rintaro Hashizume, MD, PhD— Targeting histone H3.3-K27M mutation for the treatment of diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas.
  • Eva Ihle, MD, PhD— The Link between Time Perspective and Resiliency in Adolescent Girls
  • Farzana Perwad, MD— Role of Egr-1 in the pathogenesis of X-linked hypophosphatemia

Under-represented Faculty

  • Melinda Bender, PhD, RN— Motivate to Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes Risks in Filipino Americans

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SOS Awardees - Spring 2013

Digital Health Research

  • Korey Hood, PhD— Audio Health Engagement Analysis in Diabetes: The AHEAD Study

Novel Clinical/Translational Methods

  • Zhen Wang, MD— Hyperpolarized 13C MR Markers of Diabetic Nephropathy

Pilot for Junior Investigators

  • Jolie Chang, MD— Binaural Integration in Asymmetric Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  • Charlie Kim, PhD— Origins of Excess Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor in Perforin-Deficient Mice
  • Rachel Kuperman, MD— Pilot Cross Sectional Trial to Determine Utility of Oculometrics as a Seizure Detector
  • Heather Leutwyler, RN, PhD, FNP-BC, CNS— Video Games to Promote Physical Activity in Younger Adults with Schizophrenia
  • Saul Villeda, PhD— Role of β2-Microglobulin in Regulating Regenerative and Cognitive Impairments in the Aging Brain

Pilot to Improve the Conduct of Research

  • Stuart Gansky, MS, DrPH— Tools and Infrastructure to Facilitate Compliance with ClinicalTrials.Gov Results Reporting
  • Vanessa Jacoby, MD— Decreasing time for CHR Approval of full Committee Review Applications
  • Patricia Katz, PhD— Improving the consent process for complex studies: making the study understandable to subjects
  • Ruben Rathnasingham, PhD— An Early Translational Researcher's Framework for Health Economics Evaluation

Translational Technology Development

  • Albert Chang, MD, PhD—Choline-Based Radiopharmaceuticals for Imaging of Prostate Cancer

Under-represented Faculty

  • Elena Flowers, PhD, RN— MicroRNA in Insulin Resistance and Prediction of Response to Pharmacologic Interventions
  • Reno Reyes, PhD— Modulation of Glutamatergic Signaling by Inositol Hexakisphosphate Kinases

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SOS Awardees - Fall 2012

Clinical Research

  • Rajkumar Kalapatapu, MD— Cognitive Training for Alcohol Use Disorders: A Pilot Study
  • Emily Perito, MD, MCR/MPH/MS— Causes and consequences of post-transplant metabolic syndrome in pediatric liver transplant recipients
  • Lisa Talbot, PhD— The interrelationships among aerobic fitness, sleep, and psychiatric symptoms in PTSD
  • Ami Zota, ScD— Social determinants of telomere length among low-income women during and after pregnancy

Digital Health Research

  • Kelly McDermott, PhD— Improving physical activity adherence with mobile and social media
  • Judith Moskowitz, PhD, MCR/MPH/MS— A smartphone-based intervention for real-life positive emotion skills practice to ameliorate or prevent clinical depression
  • Soraya Rofagha, MD, Other, MPH— Reliability, Validity and Cost-Effectiveness of an iPhone-based Camera (iPhone Cellscope) for the Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy at San Francisco General Hospital
  • Joshua Woolley, MD, PhD— Improving Social Cognition in Patients with Severe Mental Illness: Neuroplasticity-Based Cognitive Training on a Mobile Device

Multicenter Start-Up Planning

  • Diana Foster, PhD— Multisite Pilot Study of Women Denied Legal Abortions

Multidisciplinary Research Project Planning

  • Lydia Zablotska, MD, PhD— Meeting of international collaborators to extend studies of radiation-related hematological malignancies among cleanup workers of the Chornobyl nuclear accident

Novel Clinical/Translational Methods

  • Peder Larson, PhD— Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Myelin Membranes
  • John Stein, MD— Enhancing Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials Using Automated Screening Tool
  • Alberuni Zamah, MD, PhD— Use of Immuno-PCR Assay as an Ultrasensitive, Quantitative Protein Detection Method

Pilot for Established Investigators

  • Scott Kogan, MD— Kinetic Parameters of Acute Leukemia to Pilot Mathematical Modeling of Optimum Therapy

Pilot for Junior Investigators

  • Liusheng Huang, PhD— Profiling of isonazid metabolites in plasma from isoniazid treated patients and analytical method development

Professional Development Leave

  • Stefan Habelitz, PhD— Directing cells to facilitate synthesis and regeneration of dental tissues

UCSF-King's Health Partners Faculty Fellowship Travel Grant

  • Maria Ekstrand, PhD— Developing a palliative medicine research program in India through UCSF-KCL collaboration
  • Karin Gaensler, MD— Developing Novel Immunotherapeutic Approaches for the Treatment of AML

Under-represented Faculty

  • Mustafa Bseikri, MD— A family-based intervention to study effects on asthma control in obese adolescents consuming a nutrient-dense supplement bar that improves insulin sensitivity, anti-oxidant defense, dyslipidemia, and vitamin/mineral intake
  • Michelle Khan, MD, MCR/MPH/MS— Focal treatment of high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
  • Monica McLemore, PhD, MCR/MPH/MS, RN— Discovering the continuum between conscientious objection and designated staff in the care of women needing abortions
  • Oanh Meyer, PhD— Examining the Attitudes and Experiences of Vietnamese Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Diana Naranjo, PhD— Diverse patients with diabetes: Transitions from pediatric to adult care with Latino and African American patients

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SOS Awardees - Spring 2012

Mobile Health Research

  • Alexis Beatty, MD— Use of Mobile Technology to Increase Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation for Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease
  • DorAnne Donesky, PhD, RN— Mobile Adaptation of a Web-based Dyspnea-Self-Management Program for People with COPD
  • Aoife O'Donovan, PhD— Resolving Psychological Stress (REPs): A mobile health application for modifying attention bias to threat in post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Danielle Schlosser, PhD— PRIME to Action: Enhancing Motivation in Schizophrenia Using a Personalized Real-Time Mobile Health Intervention

Multicenter Start-Up Planning

  • Heather Fullerton, MD— Prospective Study of Radiation Arteriopathy in Childhood Cancer Survivors (Rad Art PRO)
  • Roland Gosling, MD, PhD, MCR/MPH/MS— Modeling malaria transmission interruption to inform intervention study design

Multidisciplinary Research Project Planning

  • Sarah Arron, MD, PhD— Voriconazole-associated Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Lung Transplant
  • Judith Ford, PhD— Pilot studies for Conte Center proposal to study efference copy dysfunction in schizophrenia

Novel Clinical/Translational Methods

  • Andrew Boyle, MD, PhD— A New Model of Diastolic Heart Failure

Pilot Award Program in T2 (Bedside-to-Community)

  • Margaret Handley, MCR/MPH/MS, DDS— Developing evidence-based strategies to improve multi-drug resistant TB diagnosis in Cambodia

Pilot Research Award in Research Policy

  • Ann Lazar, PhD, MCR/MPH/MS— Statistics in Dentistry: Review of the Reporting of Baseline Data in Clinical Trials from Top-Tier Non-Speciality Specific Dental Journals

Pilot for Junior Investigators

  • Binh Diep, PhD— Roles of In Vivo-Expressed Lipoproteins in Pathogenesis of, and Vaccine-Induced Protection Against, Invasive MRSA Infection
  • Anthony Kim, MD, MAS— Incidence of Sudden Neurologic Death

Post Childbearing Development Leave

  • Margaret Fang, MD, MPH— Estimating Hemorrhage Risk in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Under-represented Faculty

  • JiWon Choi, PhD, RN— The MoTHER (Mobile Technologies to Help Enhancing Regular Physical Activity) Trial: A Pilot Study for Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women
  • Vanessa Grubbs, MD, MCR/MPH/MS— The Association of Periodontal Disease with Kidney Function Decline: the MrOS Dental Study
  • Gabriel Ortiz, MD, PhD— Layering of the myeloid compartment of the human immune system and impact on neonatal vaccine responses.

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SOS Awardees - Fall 2011

CRS Early Career Investigators Pilot Award

  • Jennifer Adibi, MPH ScD— The effects of phthalate exposure on placental development in early pregnancy: a unified approach combining in vitro and in vivo analyses
  • Steven DuBois, MD PhD— Evaluation of Biomarkers of Radiation Exposure in Patients Treated with 131-I-MIBG
  • Anne Marsh, MD— Microparticles as biomarkers for osteonecrosis of the femoral head in sickle cell disease
  • Joshua Woolley, MD PhD— Oxytocin and unhealthy interactions in family of patients with recent-onset schizophrenia: A novel biomarker and pharmacological intervention to reduce negative expressed emotion

Mobile Health Research

  • Robert Grant, MD MPH— Pilot study of mobile phone short message service (SMS) to improve adherence to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in Peru and Brazil
  • Jeremy Keenan, MD— Improving Trachoma Surveillance with Smartphones
  • Shuvo Roy, PhD— Universal Bluetooth 4.0 Module and Data Transfer Protocol Framework for Clinical Device Studies

Multicenter Start-Up Planning Awards

  • Daniel Mathalon, MD PhD— Neural Predictors of Schizophrenia/BiPolar Disorder Risk Syndrome
  • Yvonne Wu, MD MPH— Neonatal Erythropoietin in Asphyxiated Term Infants

Multidisciplinary Research Project Planning Awards

  • Kathryn Phillips, PhD— Disciplinary Expansion of T2 Research on Adoption of New Technologies
  • Laura Schmidt, PhD MSW MPH— Mobile Health Support for SFDPH Heavy Users of Multiple Services
  • Paul Wolters, MD— Development of a Northern CA Scleroderma Research Consortium

Novel Clinical/Translational Methods Awards

  • John Kornak, PhD— K Bayes for Functional MRI
  • Jasleen Kukreja, MD MPH— Pre-clinical ex-vivo rehailitation of donor lungs (PERL) project

Pilot Research Award for Junior Investigators

  • Shingo Kajimura, PhD— Epigenetic Control of Brown Fat Development through Ehmt1
  • Heather Leutwyler, PhD RN— OASIS: MOVE
  • Donna Odierno, DrPH— Representation of Minorities, Women, and Older Adults in T2 Studies of Herbal medicine

Post Childbearing Professional Development Leave

  • Wendy Anderson, MD— Outcomes of Acknowledging the Possibility of Dying in Hospitalist-Seriously Ill Patient Admission Encounters

Shared Instrument Awards

  • Grayson Marshall, PhD— Upgrade of 2004 AFM Data Station and 1997 Triboscope Nanoindenter

Under-represented Faculty in Clinical and Translational Research Awards

  • Ryan Hernandez, PhD— Understanding and using patterns of genetic variation by sequencing thousands of samples
  • Christina Mangurian, MD— Comparative Effectiveness of Integration of Care Programs for People with Severe Mental Illness
  • Bat-Erdene Myagmar, MD PhD— Alpha-1A Adrenergic Receptors in Neuroprotection
  • Anna Ordonez, MD— Psychopathology in Adolescents: A comparative Study of High and Low Risk Populations
  • Rosa Maria Sternberg, PhD RN— Psychometrics of the Demand of Immigration (DI) Scale in Mexican Immigrant Women (MIW)

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