CTSI Newsletter - March 2008

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From the Executive Director's Desk

Recent months have been jam-packed at CTSI Central. We've brainstormed and designed a review process quite different from any I've seen in my career at UC. It has taken a lot of intensive planning and has been yet another opportunity to see our board of directors in action. Many of you know that the board of directors meets weekly for about 4 hours, and it's been even busier as we've jointly vetted the review process. During this same time, we've had to ensure we've put together systems and processes to collect the significant data needed to report our progress to the NIH.

As I juggle the operational aspects of managing our CTSI, what I have as yet been unable to do is to engage as fully as I'd like with each of the programs. As we continue to fill our staffing gaps, I look forward to spending more time with programs, at their meetings and events. Program directors Mini Kahlon and Zeanid Breyer are one avenue for us to remain up-to-date at CTSI Central since their programs (Virtual Home and PET) uniquely cross all of the other programs. There is no replacement, however, for spending time with each of you in person, so I look forward to doing that later.

I must say that I am thrilled to hear how programs continue to build the list of inventive and impressive accomplishments at UCSF-CTSI. You'll read about a great example from our Mentor Development Program in this newsletter. Many of our successes reflect a common theme - the transformations reaped by bringing together people with interrelated expertise who might not have come together were it not for CTSI facilitation. This is truly exciting to see and provides evidence of the incredibly collaborative campus community we have here at UCSF. Planning for our third year will be exciting. We really do have an amazing opportunity!

Susan A. Autry, MBA
Executive Director, CTSI

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New Resources

New tool helps researchers find core resources

CTSI’s Virtual Home and Translational Technologies & Resources (TTR) launched the Cores Search website which enables searches of more than 90 cores at UCSF. Researchers can search and sort by campus location, resource category, and specific service or equipment. Information about the full range of services available for each core and who to contact for pricing is also accessible. The School of Medicine profiled the tool in its recent newsletter and on its homepage.

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New on the CTSI Web site

CTSI logo graphics & templates are available for download on a recently revamped CTSI identity page. Visual guides help you browse various downloadable logo graphics, Power Point templates and Microsoft Word stationary. Any questions on usage? Contact Virtual Home ctsi@ucsf.edu.

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Featured Story

Unique Mentor Development Program graduates its first class

UCSF - CTSI Mentor Development Program - 2007 Graduates

Fall 2007 MDP Program

The CTSI Mentor Development Program (MDP) recently graduated its very first class of 18 faculty mentors-in-training, representing all four schools at UCSF. In a lunchtime ceremony replete with certificates and camaraderie, senior mentors and mentors-in-training celebrated the end of their 6-month series of seminars, workshops and discussions.

Mitch Feldman, Director of UCSF’s Faculty Mentoring Program, a collaborator with the CTSI MDP, described the need for such programs - “Successful faculty members often point to the person or persons who made a substantial difference in their career through mentoring. We are simply ensuring that more faculty, who are already motivated to mentor others, are trained with the knowledge and tools to be as effective as possible.”

The CTSI MDP is unique in understanding the particular needs of mentors in clinical and translational research, and crafting seminars targeted to these needs. For example, the MDP mentors-in-training learn how to assist their mentees in becoming more cross-disciplinary. They also learn to guide mentees in effectively describing collaborative efforts in their promotion packages. The integrated environment for senior mentors and mentors-in-training encourages networking, allows for rich discussion of a range of mentoring challenges and solutions and mines collective experiences to build a community of mentoring excellence – all of which distinguish the CTSI Mentor Development Program.

“We are the first and only MDP that is part of a CTSI in the country,” said Jeanette S. Brown, MD, director of the Comprehensive Mentoring Program, which includes the MDP and the Junior Faculty Mentoring Program.

Mandana Khalili, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and a graduated mentor-in-training, reflected, “Being a mentor is a very rewarding experience but it is also a great responsibility. The MDP training provided me with invaluable tools and resources necessary for effective mentorship but also allowed me to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead.”

The MDP’s success in fostering collaboration among busy research faculty is attributed at least partially by Jeanette Brown to a paperless approach to documents and collaboration, using a wiki hosted by the library, and whose usage is facilitated by CTSI’s Virtual Home.

What’s next? Dr. Brown reminds us of the long-term view needed to understand when and how we reap rewards from mentoring programs such as the MDP- “We are investing in the next generation of mentors. As these mentors nurture talent, we will really see our effort pay off.”

Congratulations to the MDP's first class of graduates and our next generation of clinical and translational mentors!

If you are interested in learning more please visit the MDP web site. You can also email Aishani Patel or call 415-353-9751.

Middle: L. Subak; L. Walter; M. Khalili; J. Inadomi; G. Schechter
Back: S. Gansky; U. Ladabaum; L. Criswell; D. Meyerhoff; M. Johnson; E. Murphy
Missing: F. Aweeka; M. Cedars; J. Guglielmo; E. Huang; R. Jordan; P. Knudson; R. Oka; K. Page-Shafer; D. Thom; M. Wallhagen; J. Wiener-Kronish; K. Yaffe

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Updates and Announcements

Data collection & systems for Annual Progress Report

The deadline for programs to submit their annual report and CTSI annual review information is March 27th 2008. Some programs have a greater burden in reporting and their efforts are appreciated. PET and Virtual Home will be looking into tools and systems to improve the data collection process for Year 3 and will be soliciting input from programs in an upcoming CTSI Connections meeting.

Guides to community-engaged research

The Community Engagement Program (CEP) recently posted online a helpful new series of Guides to Community Engaged Research. CEP also accepts online consultation requests for facilitated linkages between researchers and community partners (including Kaiser Permanente) relating to the implementation and dissemination of research.

First annual UCSF Multi-disciplinary Clinical/Translational Science Research Symposium for Residents

Residents will have an opportunity to present their work to peers across UCSF, and foster collaborations across programs by participating in a symposium sponsored by the Clinical and Translational Sciences Training (CTST) Resident's program on May 12th, 2008 at Millbury Union from 2-5:30pm. Dr. Gene Washington will provide the keynote address at this event for residents who are considering a future in the field of clinical and translational research.

For more information about the event, including abstract submission instructions, please visit the CTST Residents page. Abstract submission deadline is 4/14/08.

Resident research funding opportunity

The Resident Clinical and Translational Research Funding program provides up to $2000 per academic year to UCSF residents for qualified clinical and translational research expenses not covered by their mentor or other sources. The next application deadline is 4/1/08. Visit the CTST Residents page for more information about the funding requirements and application process. For questions please contact Olivia De Leon.

Global Health town halls address needs of PIs working overseas

Last week's four town halls gathered 100 faculty, staff, and fellows, representing projects in more than 50 countries. Using feedback from these lively and informative meetings, GHS-CTSI will form working groups to focus on key issues such as finance, risk and safety, human resources, regulatory knowledge, information technology, legal issues, and communication and outreach. Group meetings will be scheduled during the week of March 17th. Invitations will be sent to everyone who attended the town halls. If you did not attend the town halls and would like to join one of these groups, please email Kelly Sanders.

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Please submit news from your CTSI program for possible inclusion in the “Updates & Announcements” section. We also appreciate any and all feedback. Please contact us by email at ctsi@ucsf.edu.