Consultation Services of Special Interest for CER

A variety of CTSI consultation services relevant to CER are available. The first hour (per project) of consultation is free with additional hours charged per the Consultation Services Recharge Policy.

  • Community-Engaged Research
    • Stakeholder engagement: A key criterion by which applications to PCORI are judged is the level of stakeholder engagement with the proposed project, including the active participation of stakeholders in developing the proposal.
    • Recruitment of study subjects: Connect with community-based clinicians and clinics interested in participating in research.
  • Recruitment Services — Get help with cohort identification, direct mail, and more.
  • Biostatistics — Biostatistical issues that often rise in CER studies include causal inference models.
  • Study Design — Issues include design of pragmatic clinical trials, adaptive trial designs, and design of studies using secondary data analysis approaches.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Large Dataset Analysis — Find expertise in and access to high-value datasets (request via Data Management & Extraction Consultation).

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