Clinical Research Services Forms

The CRS Application form is common to all CRS facilities, and includes more detailed information. If you have questions, please contact the CRS Protocols Managers.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) application needs to be filed separately; IRB approval is required for all CRS protocols involving human participants. We encourage you to review the IRB submission process directly on the IRB website.

Key CRS Application Links

Item Description Download (*)
CRS Budget Request Form Required to indicate CRS resources requested to implement the research protocol CRS Budget Request Form
IRB Full Committee Review Application Required Review Submission Process & Apply via iRIS
CHORI CRS Protocol Submission A separate application to the CHRCO Institutional Review Board is required for studies at CHORI CHORI CRS Application Form

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Study Implementation Forms — After IRB Approval

ItemDescription Download (*)
Protocol In-Service Instructions
Moffitt Hospital
Moffitt MD Inpatient Orders Form Template Moffitt_MDInpatientOrdersForm.doc
Moffitt MD Outpatients Orders Form Template Moffitt_MDOutpatientOrdersForm.doc
Moffitt MD Outpatients Orders Form Template Moffitt_SeparateMedicationOrdersForm.doc
Benioff Pediatrics
Benioff Pediatrics Outpatient Visit Request Template PCRC-OutpatientReservation.docx
Benioff Pediatrics Outpatient Guidelines Template PCRC-OutpatientGuidelinesFAQ.docx
San Francisco General Hospital
SFGH Outpatient Registration Template SFGH_OutpatientRegForm.doc
SFGH MD Order Template SFGH_Physician_Orders.doc
SFGH Start-up synopsis Form to be presented at start-up meeting with CRS staff SFGH_Protocol_Startup.doc
SFGH Scheduling Use this form to submit scheduling requests to the CRS. SFGH_Scheduling_Request.doc
SFGH Flowsheet Template that is compatible with our printer SFGH_Flowsheet.doc
SFGH Adverse Event Reporting Forms to use for reporting Adverse Events Adverse_Event_Reporting.doc
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VAMC Outpatient Registration Template SFVAMC_VisitReservationForm.doc
VAMC Outpatient Registration Template SFVAMC_OutpatientRegForm.doc

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