Research Datasets

De-Identified APeX Files

Get access to UCSF clinical data since June 2012 without patient identifiers. No IRB approval required!

  • Full export of encounter, diagnosis, medication, labs and flow sheets in .csv format. Requires ability to read in large > 10GB files and some programming language experience to manipulate these files. SAS read-in files are available.
  • Research Data Browser (RDB): This workbench enables researchers without programming expertise to browse, visualize, and export de-identified APeX patient data sets in a self-serve manner.
  • Patient re-identification available for participant recruitment
  • Data management services are available

See instructions for first-time and returning users or request personal assistance

Free for UCSF community
Academic Research Systems (ARS)
ARS Support

VA Data Core Consultation

Access a central data repository with health information from the electronic medical records of over 9 million US Veterans.

  • Assistance with paperwork and approvals
  • Data management services are available
Hourly Recharge, first hour free per project
Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
Annie Ryder

UC ReX Data Explorer

Search 15+million patient records from the University of California's 5 Medical Centers. This self-service tool allows UC investigators to identify potential research study cohorts at UCSF, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine and UC San Diego.

  • Cohort identification and recruitment
  • Retrospective data analysis
  • Data management services are available

Submit an Enterprise Analytics Dashboard and Data Tools Access Request, selecting the UC ReX Data Explorer option (requires MyAccess)

UC Office of the President (UCoP)
ARS Support

OptumLabs Data Warehouse (OLDW)

UCoP is partnering with OptumLabs, a collaborative center for research and innovation.

  • Access 160 million de-identified records across claims and clinical information to conduct investigations on populations and unique subsets within them
  • Subscribe to the UC Health/OptumLabs listserv to receive communications about upcoming funding and collaboration opportunities

Access to the datasets through the annual call for proposals to award one of seven funded "research credits", or via funded research projects. See details on the UC microsite (MyAccess login).

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UC Office of the President (UCoP)
Sarah Thayer

Large Dataset Inventory

Data repository infrastructure for accelerated access to and use of local and national health datasets.


Explore website and request consultation if needed

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Resource Resources Program (RRP)
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