Institute for Human Genetics

State-of-the-art genomics services cover sample preparation, processing and analysis phases.

  • DNA extraction & exome capture
  • Construction of libraries for Illumina sequencing
  • Affymetrix Axiom Genotyping and Expression
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Computational cluster for analysis runs

For prep and processing, contact; for data storage and analysis, complete/update the New Account Setup Form and contact Dirk Kleinhesselink or Joe Hesse.

Gladstone Bioinformatics Core

Services span experimental design, statistics, omics analysis and systems biology.

  • Biostatistical analysis
  • Sequence and downstream analysis
  • Data integration, pathway and network analysis and visualization
  • Software development
  • Year-round training opportunities

Request services via iLab account or consultation request

Hourly Recharge
Gladstone Institutes

Library Bioinformatics Support

Bioinformatics provides researchers with efficient computer-based tools and methods for storing, retrieving and interpreting the vast quantities of data being generated by research.

  • Get access to and training on various biomedical data and software tools
  • Learn methods for analyzing biomedical data

Email contact or check the calendar for upcoming workshops and hands-on training

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