Data Use Process

Data Use Request

Work with Comparative Effectiveness Large Dataset Analysis Core (CELDAC) staff to complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a request for CELDAC access through Consultation Services.
  2. Fill out a CELDAC data use application (Word 30KB) and provide to your consultant once assigned. Please include data set requested, years requested, and project synopsis.
  3. If applicable, fill out appropriate data specific Data Use Agreement for agency from which data was purchased. (Applies to Medicare data from ResDAC, HCUP data from AHRQ, and AHA data).

Additional UCSF steps may be required:

  1. Apply to UCSF Academic Research Systems for a MyResearch user account, if you do not already have a one.
  2. For datasets that require it, apply for IRB approval.

Data Use

Once data use requests have been approved, users will access the original data as read only files on the CELDAC MyResearch secure virtual workspace accessible from UCSF secure computers.

Users will copy or extract the data they require into working files where they may manipulate it as needed for analyses.