Catalyst Awards Internship Program

Catalyst Awards Internship Program provides an opportunity to learn about early translational research and the process of translating academic discoveries into valuable products. It runs parallel to the Catalyst Awards Program and allows the students to observe the events of the awards program, the review process, and the unique interactions between the academic researchers and industry experts. Interns will have the opportunity to contribute to the project teams that are receiving Catalyst consultations. In addition, the interns will participate in small group discussions with Catalyst advisors on topics related to product development and careers in industry.

The program will expose students to the industry perspective in evaluating the potential of scientific discoveries to lead to products. Students will develop appreciation for issues such as defining unmet needs, assessing commercialization potential and development feasibility for an early-stage idea, and defining key milestones on the development path. The program is of value to those interested in doing translational research, either in an academic or industry setting.


UCSF Students (graduate and professional), post-doctoral fellows, residents and clinical fellows.

Participation Requirements

20-30 hours over the period of ∼5 months for review of proposals and attendance of review panel, consultation sessions and the final presentations. Meetings include

  • Catalyst Awards Program events:
    • Review panel meetings (for a single track)
    • Consultation meetings
    • Report-out (June 7 or 8, 2017, final date TBD)
  • Discussion sessions (12–1:30 pm unless noted otherwise, lunch provided)
    • Program introduction and review panel preparation (Tuesday March 7, 2017) - Mission Hall Room 6500
    • Lunch with industry advisor (Tuesday April 4, 2017) - Mission Hall Room 6500
    • Lunch with industry advisor (Tuesday May 2, 2017) - Mission Hall Room 6500
    • Lunch with industry advisor (Tuesday May 30, 2017) - (11:30am - 1:00pm) - Mission Hall Room 5700

Student report-out (Tuesday June 13, 2017) - (12-2pm) - Mission Hall Room 6500

Invitation to observe the final applicant presentations (the Report-out) will be extended only to those who participate in the preceding activities.

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