UCSF NIH Diversity Supplement Awards

Last updated June, 2015 based on UCSF Office of Research data.

Project Title (links to abstract) Principal Investigator School/Department Agency
First-line Antimetabolites as Steroid-sparing Treatment (FAST) Uveitis Trial Acharya, Nisha MD SOM: Medicine NEI
Developmental Origins of the Germinal Niche Alvarez-Buylla, Arturo PhD SOM: Neurosurgery NICHH
Pharmacogenomics of Bronchodilator Response in Minority Children with Asthma Burchard, Esteban Gonzalez MD, MPH SOM: Internal Medicine NHLBI
RCT of an Integrative Intervention for Non-Treatment-Seeking Meth Users Carrico, Adam W. PhD SON: Other NIDA
HARC Center: HIV Accessory and Regulatory Complexes Frankel, Alan D. PhD SOM: Biochemistry NIGMS
Biomedical Research Career Identification in Graduate Education (BRIDGE) Gershon, Robyn R.M. DrPH SOM: Social Sciences NIGMS
Molecular Chaperones and Small Molecules Gestwicki, Jason E. PhD SOM: Neurology NINDS
Trefoil Factors Regulate Th2 Immunity Herbert, De'Broski R. PhD SOM: Internal Medicine NIAID
Community Choirs to Promote Healthy Aging and Independence of Older Adults Johnson, Julene PhD SON: Institute for Health Aging NIA
The Role of BMI1 in Regulation of Dental Stem Cells Klein, Ophir D. PhD, MD SOD: Dentistry/Oral Hygiene NIDCR
Cytoskeletal Regulation of T cell Motility and Synaptic Signaling Krummel, Max PhD SOM: Pathology NIAID
Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brain Injury Manley, Geoffrey T. MD, PhD SOM: Neurosurgery NINDS
Chromosome Instability Resulting from Double-Strand Breaks Near Telomeres Murnane, John P. PhD SOM: Radiation Oncology NCI
Towards Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases Prusiner, Stanley B. MD SOM: Neurology NIA
Discovery of Oxaboroles as New Antimalarial Agents Rosenthal, Philip J. SOM: Internal Medicine NIAID
Biocompatibility of Implantable Renal Replacement Devices Roy, Shuvo PhD SOP: Bioengineering NIBIB
Regulation of Cellular Pathwaysin Human Brain Development Rowitch, David H. MD, PhD SOM: Internal Medicine NINDS
Role of Ribosome Impairments in X-linked Dyskeratosis Congenita Pathogenesis Ruggero, Davide PhD SOM: Urology NIDDK
Lesion Composition and Quantitative Imaging Analysis on Breast Cancer Shepherd, John A. PhD SOM: Radiation-Diagnostic/Oncology NCI
Molecular Basis for Transmembrane Conduction & Signaling Stroud, Robert M. MA, PhD SOM: Biochemistry NIGMS

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