Doris Duke Charitable Foundation International Clinical Research Fellowship

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) International Clinical Research Fellowship program for medical students is a one-year mentored clinical research opportunity designed to span a broad range of research extending from bench laboratory science to clinical and translational science, epidemiology and outcomes research. We define clinical and translational research as research designed to address a question of clinical importance. The program is designed to be flexible and will be tailored to meet the needs of each student.

UCSF offers excellent resources for student researchers:

  • Medical centers that serve different segments of the San Francisco Bay Area population
  • Over 60 organized research units (ORUs) centered on specific diseases and populations; access to a wide variety of local, state-wide and national databases and research cohorts
  • Excellent graduate programs in basic research

Program Structure

The International DDCF program is structured so that the fellow will be at UCSF from July through September and will take the following classes before leaving for their international site:

During the course of the year, there will be bi-weekly Works-in-Progress (WIP) seminars, inter-professional Journal Club meetings, and guest faculty lecturers. The WIP sessions, faculty lectures are all recorded and put on the CTRFP YouTube channel so that students don’t miss these events.

During the last two months of the program, students will begin preparing a written report and oral presentation of their work. The final oral presentations will be given at the annual student research symposium on campus at UCSF. Students are required to attend and present their work at a national DDCF meeting late in the year.

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Clinical Research Opportunities in Global Health

View descriptions of possible international research projects

View descriptions of educational and research opportunities in global health at UCSF (organized by region)

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An annual stipend of $29,000 is provided to each DDCF/CRF fellow. In addition, funds are available to support the conduct of the research study. Funds for relocation are provided, as are travel funds to the research site and the national DDCF conference.

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Application Process

To apply to the UCSF Doris Duke Charitable Foundation International Clinical Research Fellowship (ICRF), interested students MUST complete A) the Doris Duke Common Application on-line and B) the DDCF supplemental application for UCSF. These elements are described in detail below. The deadline for the applications are shown above in the Application Deadlines and Materials box. UCSF students should keep in mind that RAPtr application doesn’t include the Doris Duke funding application. There are many additional long term international opportunities available outside UCSF. See program descriptions. UCSF students interested in completing international research should strongly consider completing the RAPtr application AND the Doris Duke application described above.

UCSF medical students desiring the Doris Duke ICRF program are also welcome to apply to the other medical schools where this program exists. See more information on the national Doris Duke Charitable Foundation ICRF. Students are not penalized for applying to more than one school.

Please note: No applicant interviews will be conducted.

A. Doris Duke Application Requirements:

See details and on the Doris Duke website here.

B. UCSF Supplemental Application Requirements:

The online supplemental application form is REQUIRED and must be received by the deadline shown above in the Application Deadlines and Materials box.

  • Research Plan Title (should not exceed 255 characters, including spaces)
  • Research Plan Summary (should not exceed 250 words, or approximately 1/3 of a single spaced page)
  • Research Proposal (limited to 2,100 words or less or approximately three single-spaced pages. The plan should be divided into three sections: a) Research question, b) Background, and c) Study design) (You should work closely with your mentor on writing the research plan).
  • Research Plan Citations (should not exceed 700 words, or approximately one single-spaced page)
  • Mentor Endorsement. This portion of the supplemental application form must be completed by the proposed mentor(s) by the deadline. An application that does not include the mentor endorsement form will not be considered complete and will not be considered for funding.

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