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UCSF T32 Trainee Tracking System (3TS)

The immediate goal of this system is give support to faculty and staff in preparing NIH T32-training grant renewal applications. The beta 3TS can produce initial versions of four T32 tables: Table 2 (Participating Faculty Members), Table 3 (Federal Institutional Research Training Grants and Related Support Available to Participating Faculty Members), Table 4 (Research Support of Participating Faculty Members) and Table 5 (Publications of Those in Training). The output data from the 3TS requires some formatting adjustments for final submission of Tables 2 and 4. The usefulness of Tables 3 and 5 is dependent on programs providing information about their trainees. For Table 4, information available in UCSF’s contracts and grants systems is made available for participating faculty – thus providing an incomplete but potentially helpful starting point. Please note that the system has been developed to support existing (already awarded) T32 grants, and does not currently support first time T32 applications (however, we can provide some information for completing Table 2). The beta 3TS has the potential to address additional tables and formatting needs in future versions and we welcome feedback about what users would like to see in the event additional resources are requested for the project. Learn more or contact Halima Mohammed.

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UCSF T32 Faculty Database

The School of Medicine Dean's Office is collecting information about participating faculty for UCSF's T32 grants. The information will soon be input into a database to assist with T32 grant applications. The database project is sponsored by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost¹s Office. To contribute or request participating faculty information at this time, please contact Halima Mohammed.

UCSF T32 Review Panel Members

Faculty School - Department NIH Institute Review Committee Last Served on Review Committee
Kirsten Johansen, MD
221-4810, ext. 3598
SOM - Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology NIDDK Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Diseases D Subcommittee (DDK-D) October 2011
Will serve through 6/2015
Carmen L. Masson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
SOM - Department of Psychiatry NIDA Training and Career Development Subcommittee November 2011
Will serve through 6/2014
Synthia H.Mellon, Ph.D
SOM - Dept. of Ob, Gy, & Repro. Sci. NICHD Training Programs Health Sciences T32/T35 Review October 2011*

* NIH pilot program to review all of the 2011 NICHD training grant submissions at one time.
Last Updated 10/2011.

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