Traveling Ambassador Program

What Is a Traveling Ambassador?

  • The Traveling Ambassador Program is part of CTSI and part of the UCSF effort to enhance faculty diversity.
  • Traveling Ambassadors go to national meetings in their areas of interest, representing UCSF, and advertising open faculty positions at UCSF, focusing on making contact with potential applicants from diverse/disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Traveling Ambassadors receive up to $1,500 in travel expenses for each meeting, in return for making contacts, providing information about specific UCSF faculty openings, and obtaining contact information from those individuals they interact with.
  • So, you get a great break on costs of going to a meeting you want to go to anyway; you meet some interesting people you might not have otherwise interacted with; and you help UCSF reach its goals to advertise itself as a welcoming place to work for faculty from all backgrounds.