Data Management & Extraction Consultation

We offer expertise in UCSF clinical data extraction, and managing extracted or other data.

Request Clinical Data for Research

Access UCSF/ZSFG electronic health records. A consultant will help you define a data specification, coordinate the request process, and estimate time required (initial hour is free).

Use the APeX Pick List (Excel 26MB via UCSF Box) tool to prepare for your extraction request. It includes the most commonly used data codes to help define variables needed for your research and to define your cohort. Find codes for:

  • Diagnoses
  • Meds
  • Labs
  • Procedures
  • Flowsheet
  • Departments
  • Smart Data Elements

Learn more about using clinical data for research

Data Management Services

  • Data cleaning & formatting
  • Data de-identification
  • General management advice
  • Choosing platform
  • Querying existing database
  • REDCap database advice
  • Grant preparation
  • Merging datasets
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Data De-identification Validation
  • Other data management issues

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