Postdoctoral Funding

UCSF is home to numerous postdoctoral trainees, many of whom are engaged in clinical and translational research.

UCSF/Kaiser Permanente Grants Program for Fellows

The UCSF/Kaiser Permanente Grants Program for Fellows will support research by UCSF postdoctoral fellows who wish to work collaboratively with both Kaiser Department of Research (DOR) and UCSF faculty on research projects that are based in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) setting. To be announced.

CTSI TL1 Postdoctoral Fellowship

The CTSI TL1 Postdoctoral Fellowship seeks to train exceptional postdoctoral fellows and provide them with the methodologic, analytic, leadership, and team science skills required to conduct transformative early translational research. Qualified clinical fellows and PhD postdoctoral will receive advanced didactic training relevant to the conduct of translation research, support from senior mentors and peers in the conduct of their research through regular works-in-progress sessions, and career development support through one-on-one mentoring from established translational investigators as well as other structured activities.

UCSF Resource Allocation Program (RAP)

Post docs and fellows are eligible for several RAP Awards including Under-represented Faculty in Clinical & Translational Research Awards, Global Cancer Pilot Awards, and other mentored research grants.

NIH Funding

NIH Funded T32 Fellowships. There are over 50 fellowship training programs at UCSF supported by the NIH T32 mechanism (see all current UCSF T32 awards). In addition there are many other postdoctoral fellowship programs in various departments funded by other mechanisms.

NIH Research Career Development Awards. The Pathway to Independence Award facilitates a timely transition of outstanding postdoctoral researchers or clinician-scientists from mentored research positions to independent, tenure-track or equivalent faculty positions, and provides independent NIH research support during the transition that will help these individuals launch competitive, independent research careers. See current UCSF K99 awards.

NIH Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research. The NIH allows Principal Investigators holding specific types of NIH research grants to apply for funds for administrative supplements to improve the diversity of the research workforce by supporting and recruiting students, postdoctorates, and eligible investigators from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented. Learn how to get started at UCSF

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Other Clinical and Translational Research Fellowships

Numerous research fellowships are offered by UCSF departments and institutions, including the Quantitative Biosciences Institute Bold & Basic Fellowship for projects involving both basic and clinical research, the Clinical Informatics Fellowship (CIF), the Primary Care Research Fellowship, the Hospital Medicine Clinician-Investigator Fellowship and the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies Fellowship Program. Explore the websites of UCSF units conducting research in your area of interest to find more.

See also VA Medical Center Advanced Fellowships; San Francisco VAMC opportunities include Quality Scholars, Parkinson's Disease, Women's Health, and more.

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