Clinical and Translational Research Fellowship Program (CTRFP)

CTRFP is a yearlong pre-doctoral training program open to students in UCSF School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and School of Dentistry. The program provides training and mentorship to pre-doctoral students in clinical and translational research methodology and practice. Students who wish to participate must take a year off from their studies and commit one year (July-June) to clinical and translational research work under the guidance of a UCSF mentor.

The program is also available to medical students outside of UCSF through the Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship (details can be found here: CTR Fellowship Program – International Research). Funding for this yearlong program is available to students through RAPtr and Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Michael SaffeeParticipating in the CTR program was one of the best decisions I made during medical school. The year of protected research and structured course work provided valuable experience in designing and implementing a clinical research project. I was fortunate to work with a phenomenal mentor who provided me with tremendous guidance and opportunity. Drs. Chin-Hong and Palefsky have built a very special program program that all medical students should consider, particularly if they are interested in developing clinical research projects in residency and beyond. —Michael Saffee (CTRFP fellow 2012-2013)

Types of Fellowships

  • Domestic Research: One-year intensive training research fellowships for UCSF health science students designed to provide detailed exposure to clinical research.
  • International Research: A one-year mentored International Clinical Research Fellowship program for medical students, established by UCSF Medical School and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Offered to both UCSF and non-UCSF medical students.
  • Master's Degree Program in Clinical & Translational Research: Two-year fellowship leading to a master's degree.


UCSF applicants must be currently enrolled in the UCSF School of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry or Pharmacy and must apply through the Resource Allocation Program for Trainees (RAPtr). Applicants must be pre-doctoral and U.S. citizens. UCSF medical students wishing to apply for an international fellowship with a UCSF Faculty mentor should apply to both the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation as well as through RAPtr. This will increase an applicant's chance for funding.

Medical students from outside of UCSF wishing to apply to the international Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship must apply through the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation application process as well as complete the supplemental UCSF application materials. These applicants must be enrolled in an accredited US Medical School. US Citizenship is not required for the Doris Duke Fellowship Program.

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Program Activities

At the end of the research year, students participate in two events as a part of the CTRFP program:

  • Posterpalooza is a large scientific poster session that includes posters from all four UCSF schools and the 5 disciplines. Each CTR fellow creates a scientific poster and then presents their work to a group of their peers and answers questions. It's a fun event and is always well-attended. Learn more about poster production.
  • At the CTRFP Symposium, each student gives an oral presentation of their work to mentors and program leadership.

Check out a news story about these activities in May 2013.

CTR Curriculum for Pre-doctoral Students

Explore our Clinical and Translational Research Resources that our Curriculum Committee created specifically for pre-doctoral students.

More CTR activities and coursework

Additional CTR program information:

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