Mentor Training Program Case Scenarios

Cases: Defining Mentorship from the Beginning

Decision to Become a Mentor

Junior Faculty Mentoring Meeting

Writing Skills of Junior Faculty

Faculty Job Negotiations

Cases: Rewards & Challenges of Mentorship

Rewards of Being a Mentor

Challenges of Being a Mentor

Cases: Communicating Effectively with Mentees

Challenging Mentor-Mentee Interactions

Power, Gender and the Role Conflict of Interest

Cases: Balancing Work-Life

Cases: Understanding Diversity among Mentees

Cases: Understanding Economic and Fiscal Realities for Successful Academic Careers

Cases: Grants and the Institutional Review Board

How to Assist and Manage Grant Applications

Case Scenarios: IRB Pitfalls and Solutions

Cases: Understanding Academic Advancement Policies

Cases: Leadership Skills and Opportunities—How to Build a Research Team

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