Communicating Effectively with Mentees

Mentee Specific Skills Shared Core Skills Mentor Specific Skills

Acquire Mentors

Learn Quickly

Show Initiative

Follow Through

Manage the Relationship

Listen Actively

Identify Goals
& Current Reality

Build Trust

Offer Encouragement

Sense of Humor


Emotional Intelligence


Provide Corrective Feedback

Manage Skills

Open Doors

Instruct/Develop Capabilities

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
George Bernard Shaw


Principles of Effective Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Challenging Mentor-Mentee Interactions—Read Individual Case Scenarios and Learn how to communicate effectively with mentees

Assessing Problems with the Decision Tree

Mitch Feldman Presentation: Enhancing Communication with your Mentees — view as PowerPoint (3MB) or view as PDF (1.5MB)

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