MTP: Challenges of Being a Mentor

Being a mentor you might face one of these challenges when dealing with your mentee:

  • Assessing mentee's background (knowledge and skills)
  • Identifying mentee's motivation
  • Dealing with mentee's inexperience (knowledge and skills)
  • Addressing mentee's misconceptions about science
  • Setting reasonable goals for the project
  • Keeping mentee engaged
  • Supporting the mentee financially
  • Building mentee's confidence
  • Fostering mentee's independence
  • Deciding on the best solution to a given mentoring challenge
  • Setting limits and boundaries for the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Addressing lack of planning
  • Giving negative feedback to the mentee on lack of progress
  • Allocating time
  • Finding resources
  • Remaining patient

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Further Reading

Entering Mentoring: A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists—Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching, Section 8, p. 132