MTP Leadership: Developing Leadership

Leadership Pearls

  • It's always show time.
  • Meetings: Always have an agenda and anticipated outcomes for meetings, a time keeper, and someone to take minutes—preferably not the person who leads the meeting.
  • Have a clearly stated and transparent mission.
  • Have a clearly stated business plan with definable benchmarks to help review progress.
  • Give feedback to team members often and frequently.
  • When giving feedback, start with the positive, use examples rather than feelings.
  • Practice listening—don't interrupt, paraphrase, summarize, clarify.
  • Balance advocacy with inquiry.
  • Get the right people on board and the wrong ones off.
  • Make sure that you get all the information to make a decision and it is not filtered.
  • Sleep on important decisions.
  • Never ascribe to villainy what can be accounted for by ineptitude.
  • Communicate effectively. Make sure that directions are understood.

Presentation: Developing Leadership Skills and Team Building — view as PowerPoint (79KB) or view as PDF (30KB)

Leadership Lab Book: A Discovery Guide for Developing and Motivating Others (Word 270KB) Provided by the Center for Health Professions