MTP: Mentoring Meeting and Individual Development Plan

Mentoring Meeting

At an initial meeting the lead mentor and mentee will formalize and agree upon an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Prior to each subsequent meeting the mentee will update and summarize the progress in each of the defined areas which will serve as the basis for guiding the meeting.

The goal of the meeting is to evaluate the progress toward attaining goals, identify challenges and barriers as well as new goals, strategize resolution, revise timelines, prioritize research efforts and develop an action plan.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the mentee will provide a written summary of the meeting for the lead mentor to review, and forward a revised copy to the mentors of the mentoring team.

See the mentoring checklists for an overview of the activities to guide both the lead mentor and mentee formalizing their relationship, what to prepare for the mentoring meeting and how to manage successful mentoring when participants are short of time.

Individual Mentoring Plan

Using an Individual Mentoring Plan (IDP) to document the mentee's progress will help everyone involved stay focused. Here are some sample formats: