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CTSI Overview: Faculty Career Development Awards for junior and mid-level faculty: intramural and extramural

NIH Enhancing Peer Review provides complete details on peer review, scoring, etc.

UCSF Intramural Grants

Resource Allocation Program (RAP)

Mount Zion Health Grants

UCSF Faculty Development Awards

Grant Writing Workshops—CTSI's Training in Clinical Research program and the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics sponsor Grant Writing Workshops open to the entire UCSF community free of charge.

School of Medicine Travel Award Program—It supports faculty development by providing one award of up to $2,000 to finance child, elder, or other dependent care expenses while faculty travel to conferences.

UC Office of the President Research Grants Program Office: The Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) manages a diverse portfolio of programs and grants, which fund close to $100 million a year in faculty and graduate student research, as well as community programs and initiatives throughout California. These competitive programs and grants take advantage of the considerable expertise and resources available at the University of California, stimulating progress on issues and problems of critical importance to the University, the State and the nation.

Method to Extend Research In Time Awards (MERIT)

Each National Institute of Sciences offers its own MERIT.

Some examples:

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Diversity Support by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIDDK Mentored Clinical Scientist Award to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (K08) provides an opportunity for specialized study in NIDDK-relevant research areas for clinician scientists committed to a career in laboratory or clinical research. It is a three year career development award made to clinician scientists from diverse backgrounds including individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups and individuals from socially, culturally, economically, or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research for Principal Investigators holding specific types of NIH research grants and administrative supplements to improve the diversity of the research workforce by supporting and recruiting students, postdoctorates, and eligible investigators from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented.

Mentored Career Development Award to Promote Faculty Diversity/Re-Entry in Biomedical Research (K01) provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute solicits applications to increase the number of highly trained investigators, from diverse backgrounds or who have experienced an interruption in their research careers, whose basic and clinical research interests are grounded in the advanced methods and experimental approaches needed to solve problems related to cardiovascular, pulmonary, hematologic, and sleep disorders in the general and health disparities populations.

Resources for How to Write Foundation Grants

Grants & Funding Guide

Other Grant Resources

Rita Allen Foundation supports exceptional early stage faculty through a program of the Rita Allen Foundation Scholar Awards. Faculty should have been on a tenure track for no more than 3 years; nomination through UCSF—check with Dean's office.

The San Francisco Foundation is a resource for all potential donors and foundations for all aspects of research and development.

Charles E. Culpeper Scholarships in Medical Science awards $100,000 per year for 3 years for new faculty. Only one application per medical school is accepted, serves as an excellent start-up award for junior faculty.

The MacArthur Foundation funds research methods and health sciences research.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is a leading foundation funding health research and offers an interdisciplinary training program designed to change the career trajectory of individual students, trainees or faculty.

Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is designed to support scholars from a range of fields who have innovative projects that can enhance policy to improve health or health care in the U.S. The program does not support a discrete research project but rather allows a scholar to devote considerable time to a 2-3 year project of greater scope than the usual RO1 grant. It also offers an unusual opportunity to meet, interact, and often collaborate with outstanding scholars in varied fields including medicine, nursing, public health, economics, political science, sociology, law, epidemiology, history, and journalism, among others.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs Funding.

Pfizer Awards for health literacy, health communication, health policy, health disparities, public health research and for junior researchers/faculty ($65,000/year for two years).

Burroughs Wellcome Fund has announced the following opportunity for applications for the Career Awards for Medical Scientists. In response to the National Institutes of Health's K99/R00 Pathway to Independence program Burroughs Wellcome Fund addresses the on-going challenge of increasing the number of physician scientists and keeping them in research. The Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS) program provides $700,000 over five years to bridge advanced postdoctoral/fellowship training and the early years of faculty service. The ideal candidate will be two years away from becoming an independent investigator, have at least two years or more of research experience, and have a significant publication record.

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