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More Reading

Strategic Interviewing: How to hire good people. Richaurd R. Camp, Mary E. Vielhaber, Jack L. Simonetti. Jossey-Bass; 1st edition, 2001.

How to Hire, Train & Keep the Best Employees for Your Small Business. Dianna Podmoroff. Atlantic Publishing Company, 2004.

UCSF Online Resources

Leadership Skills Workshop offered by the UCSF Office of Career & Professional Development

Center for Health Professions

  • Assists health care professionals, health professions schools, care delivery organizations, and public policy makers respond to the challenges of educating and managing a health care workforce capable of improving the health and well being of people and their communities.
  • Focuses its efforts on understanding the challenges faced by the health care workforce and developing programs and resources that assist in making successful transitions to the emergent health care systems.

Archived Seminar Materials

External Online Resources

Free Management Library This website provides free training and advice about leadership skills.

CORO Foundation for Civic Leadership UCSF and CORO have partnered together to provide leadership training to faculty at UCSF.

Harvard Macy The Harvard Macy program provides two week long trainings for leadership in health care innovations and leadership in medical education.